Wednesday, September 23, 2009

56, 57, 50 and 45 on My 101 List

Okay, I'm really proud of myself! First I completed my list within 4 days and had it posted in an organized fashion...which was my #56 and 57. But not only that I wrote in my journal once last week and once today! The accomplishment I am most proud of though is my #45!
I GOT MY GED!! I am so proud that I finally got it! The crazy thing is, that it wasn't even that hard!
Confession time! Am I the only one who puts things off sometimes from fear of failure? That is totally what it is for me! I psych myself out to the point I'm so afraid I'll fail that I just won't do it at all! So, I'm asking a HUGE favor from my blog followers. I'm enrolling in college for the winter semester! Please encourage me to do so. Whenever you're bored or have nothing to do a little comment of encouragement would be great! I know that's a lot to ask from people I don't know but I really need it! A huge thanks in advance! I don't want the fear of failure to keep me from enrolling in school. Maybe since I want it so badly the "want" will override the fear of failure! Anyways, I wanted to share my accomplishments and confess my fear! Lol! I hope ya'll are having a GREAT week!


Friday, September 11, 2009

101 in 1,001

Okay, first of all I never thought that I'd have a BLOG besides on myspace. I don't blog much on there and never thought I'd have something totally devoted to blogging! But, my sister and Morgan have come across a very neat idea and I'm going to try it!
It's called 101 things in 1,001 days! You have to be specific, and it has to be something that is actually challenging for you! So here is my list!! Oh yeah I color coded it! lol!

My 101 in 1,001


1) Plan a date night at least twice a month with Mitchell! 0/66
2) Finish my Love Dare 14/40
3) Start my Love Dare again and do it straight through! 0/40
4) Rub Mitchell's Back one night a month! 0/34
5) Have a candlelit dinner an wine at least once every other month! 0/17
6) Dedicate one day every 6 months to Mitchell! Going and doing whatever he wants! No complaints! 0/6
7) Buy 7 new pieces of sleepwear 0/7
8) Kiss Mitch somewhere different every day for a month! 0/31
9) Write down something I love/learned about Mitch every day for a month! 0/31
10) Devote a blog about it!


11) Start Olivia's Scrapbook
12) Plan Game Night, Friday's we have Olivia. Do something fast for dinnr those nights! 0/71
13) Have Lori and Andy overonce a month 0/33
14) Call my aunt, brother, and sister monthly for a year! 0/12
15) Email Cliff once a month for 6 months 0/6
16) Take Olivia out just the two of us every other month! 0/17
17) Visit my family more often!


18) Cook something great for the Myers' Christmas Dinner
19) Try 60 different recipes 0/60
20) Get my recipe cabinet organized
21) Get my Kitchen cabinets organized
22) Take dishes from dishwasher when they are finished for two months 0/60
23) Buy a new refrigerator
24) Clean the refrigerator out an keep it cleaned out for two months 0/60
25) Keep dishes done (not in sink overnight) for two months 0/60


26) Finish remodeling our house
27) Buy a bookshelf and get my books organized
28) Organize our movies and keep them that way.
29) Organize our bathroom
30) Organize our closet
31) Organize my scrapbooking kit
32) Organize my pictures
33) Make a weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it for two months! 0/60
34) Take clothes directly from dryer, fold and put them away for two months 0/60
35) Iron my clothes every day before leaving the house for two months! 0/60
36) Keep Our socks matched up for three months 0/90
37) Wash our sheets weekly for to months 0/8
38) Make our bed daily before lunch for two months 0/60
39) Bathe Ashton weekly for two months
40) Get our house decorated
41) Keep laundry down to one load for two months 0/60
42) Go through my clothes and get rid of what I don't wear
43) Make a spring cleaning list in March
44) Complete that list by the end of April

For Me

45) Get my GED
46) Give myself a compliment everyday for two months 0/60
47) Increase my wardrobe so that I have enough things to wear to Church in two monts without repeats.
48) Get my pharmacy tech license
49) Find a good job
50) Write in my journal at least once a week 0/144
51) Write a book
52) Let someone read my book
53) Pick my major
54) Enroll in school
55) Begin saving $5 a month 0/170
56) Finish and post this within 4 days
57) Organize this List
58) Write down and publish my goals in life!
59) Buy an address book
60) Get addresses, birthdays etc. organized


61) Read my book by Joel Olsteen's wife
62) Read my Joyce Myers book
63) Read the Purpose Driven Life
64) Take a candlelit bubble bath once a week 0/144


65) Finish my proverbs study
66) Begin daily Bible Study
67) Fast for prayer one week a month for four months 0/4
68) Go to church every Sunday/Wednesday for months 0/36


69) Spend at least five minutes a dy playing with Dxie for 2 months 0/60
70) Take one night to enjoy the stars a month 0/34
71) Take one night a month to watch the sunset 0/34
72) Take one morning a month to watch the sunrise 0/34
73) Go out one a month with Lori 0/34
74) Sing every day for two months 0/60
75) Beat my Rythem Heaven
76) Buy 20 Christian Cd's I enjoy 0/20
77) Buy something I want spontaneously
78) Take one day a month for ME 0/34
79) Spend ten minutes a day outside for two months 0/60


80) Take a ballroom dance class
81) Buy a good phtography camera
82) Take a tour of a winery
83) Visit twelve different museums
84) Go horseback riding at least three times 0/3


85) Make up a schedule for my medicine and stick to it for three consecutive months 0/90
86) Begin some type of excercise. Do it daily for 2 months 0/60
87) Cut down to one or no soft drinks a day
88) Begin drinking 3 to 4 bottles of water for two months 0/60
89) Gain twenty-five pounds 0/25
90) Get my glasses
91) Get braces
92) Stay out of the hospital for a year
93) Find Health Insurance
94) Go to bed by ten and get up at 6 or 7 for two months 0/60
95) Refrain from popping my knuckles for two months 0/60
96) Get medical records orgaized
97) Find an acne wash for my face
98) Wash my face twice a day for two months 0/60
99) Get my nails done three tmes 0/3


100) Put $5 back for every task completed 0/500
101) Celebrate completing this list

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Of THEM Kinda Days! Ya Heard Me?

Well, it has been one of THEM kinda days!! Actually, it's been like that for a few days!!! I came into the hospital Friday, and it has been a nightmare!! I have been sicker these past few days then I remember being in a long time if ever! I have felt like I was straight up dying!
My fever has gone sky high from 9 p.m. till like 3 a.m.! What the heck is up with that?? Oh yeah that fever has been coming with some major nausea! Yuck! Needless to say I've not been sleeping good! Nor have I probably been the most pleasant person to be around! My sweetie has been here taking good care of me. He's waited on me hand and foot and done some pretty gross stuff for me lol! now it's down its 10:39 p.m. central standard time.....and no fever as of right now!! That could be because they gave me motrin when my fever first started escalating tonight. I think they did that mainly because I was complaining about my back hurting! Which it really was! It was making me very uncomfortable!
So, my sweetheart left this morning to go back to Alabama! He had a Dr. Appt Thursday and some stuff to do. Yesterday was six months for us and we have never spent more than a night apart from each other!! On the bright side, maybe I'll keep feeling this well so I won't be so miserable! See there is ALWAYS a bright side, we just have to find it! I've been in here for four days... I have a week and like three days before I get out!
I'm just praying for Strength to withstand this! I'm missing my volleyball games in Alabama! I absolutely hate that! I finally found something to look foward to that I love doing and I'm Missing It! So My Luck! :/ Oh well, when I get out I'll be NEW and IMPROVED! I'm very Thankful for my family and my sweetie tonight! I'm going to close on that happy note! G'Night Ya'll!