Wednesday, September 23, 2009

56, 57, 50 and 45 on My 101 List

Okay, I'm really proud of myself! First I completed my list within 4 days and had it posted in an organized fashion...which was my #56 and 57. But not only that I wrote in my journal once last week and once today! The accomplishment I am most proud of though is my #45!
I GOT MY GED!! I am so proud that I finally got it! The crazy thing is, that it wasn't even that hard!
Confession time! Am I the only one who puts things off sometimes from fear of failure? That is totally what it is for me! I psych myself out to the point I'm so afraid I'll fail that I just won't do it at all! So, I'm asking a HUGE favor from my blog followers. I'm enrolling in college for the winter semester! Please encourage me to do so. Whenever you're bored or have nothing to do a little comment of encouragement would be great! I know that's a lot to ask from people I don't know but I really need it! A huge thanks in advance! I don't want the fear of failure to keep me from enrolling in school. Maybe since I want it so badly the "want" will override the fear of failure! Anyways, I wanted to share my accomplishments and confess my fear! Lol! I hope ya'll are having a GREAT week!


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  1. Okay, Little Sis. I KNOW you can do this! I know that if I can graduate from a college that you can too. And, there is nothing to fear because you CAN do it!! Love you lots, Little Sis!