Monday, September 7, 2009

One Of THEM Kinda Days! Ya Heard Me?

Well, it has been one of THEM kinda days!! Actually, it's been like that for a few days!!! I came into the hospital Friday, and it has been a nightmare!! I have been sicker these past few days then I remember being in a long time if ever! I have felt like I was straight up dying!
My fever has gone sky high from 9 p.m. till like 3 a.m.! What the heck is up with that?? Oh yeah that fever has been coming with some major nausea! Yuck! Needless to say I've not been sleeping good! Nor have I probably been the most pleasant person to be around! My sweetie has been here taking good care of me. He's waited on me hand and foot and done some pretty gross stuff for me lol! now it's down its 10:39 p.m. central standard time.....and no fever as of right now!! That could be because they gave me motrin when my fever first started escalating tonight. I think they did that mainly because I was complaining about my back hurting! Which it really was! It was making me very uncomfortable!
So, my sweetheart left this morning to go back to Alabama! He had a Dr. Appt Thursday and some stuff to do. Yesterday was six months for us and we have never spent more than a night apart from each other!! On the bright side, maybe I'll keep feeling this well so I won't be so miserable! See there is ALWAYS a bright side, we just have to find it! I've been in here for four days... I have a week and like three days before I get out!
I'm just praying for Strength to withstand this! I'm missing my volleyball games in Alabama! I absolutely hate that! I finally found something to look foward to that I love doing and I'm Missing It! So My Luck! :/ Oh well, when I get out I'll be NEW and IMPROVED! I'm very Thankful for my family and my sweetie tonight! I'm going to close on that happy note! G'Night Ya'll!

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